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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cinema Date Night.

I was lucky last night to spend some quality time, away from the children, with my wife Aimee.  At her suggestion we decided to go out to dinner and then catch a movie at our local movie theatre.  We don't usually have much success at our local theatres.  The last movie we saw together was a film called "Cyrus" and despite the fact that we arrived to the theatre early, just a minute before the film started, another patron asked my wife to move down so she and another person could take a seat.

Last night was no different.  We agreed to see "The King's Speech" and I'll comment about the film soon.  I had predicted to Aimee that there would be a mature crowd out to see this film.  My predictions were confirmed when we arrived to get into the theatre.  The ticket-taker told us that the theatre was being cleaned and that we would have to wait on line.  At this point there weren't too many people on line yet. 

I was amused at hearing some of the conversations people were having on our line.  One woman was talking to another and saying that another lady on line had met her date on  These women were very firm with several other ladies who later arrived and decided to stand in front of them.  The became very territorial and told them in a "lawn guyland" accent that the line was in the back.  The woman with the date, who was elsewhere in the theatre, was speaking to an older looking man about colleges,  as she had a daughter nearing college age.  The man told her about his son and how he wanted to go to Georgetown and that he ended up at Binghamton and that he is a JAG officer.  He also told her that he worked for Pan-Am and he had been to Egypt, Iran, Europe and Asia.  He mentioned that in these countries it is rich and poor and no middle, as opposed to here where he said it's mostly middle.  Around the world in 80 seconds, wow.

Aimee and I waited patiently for the theatre to be cleaned.  I wondered with this geriatric crowd, how much of a mess could they make in this theatre?  When our time arrived to go inside, I was astounded at the speed  of some of these people.  We staked out our seats on the right side, second to last row.  There would be no one behind us.  Aimee went in first and took the third seat in.  I took the second in.  I wispered to Aimee that we wouldn't be so lucky as the theatre was too small and there still more people coming in.  As the theatre darkened and previews began and the coast was almost clear a woman approached and in a loud voice asked/demanded "Can you move? You don't mind"  I think she was trying a Jedi mind trick with the you don't mind end.  I told her that I do mind, as she didn't say please, but I got up and said "I will move down one as I will be polite.  No sooner did I do that and she was gone.  She then appeared  four rows down and she had eight people get up so she could sit smack dab in the middle of the theatre.  The two seats to my right were taken at the start of the film by two old women, who during the film talked to each other about the characters. 

Despite these entertaining follies, The film was very good.  The King's Speech is the story of King George VI, who as Prince Albert at the beginning of the film has a serious speech stammer which he must overcome as he assumes the throne after his brother renounces the throne to marry a divorced American.  The seriousness of the situation is magnified as he must rally his subjects as Britain enters World War II against Germany.

The performances are very strong with Colin Firth playing Prince Albert/George VI and Geoffrey Rush playing Lionel Logue, the Speech Therapist who worked with the Prince to improve his speaking.  The film has received 12 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and three acting nominations for its main performers:  Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. 

It was a good film, but be prepared,  look out for the old folks!!!!

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