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Sunday, March 27, 2011

News Roundup

Taking a break from my recent travel themed posts, I wanted to comment on some current events.  To readers of this blog, I welcome your own comments and opinions, so please leave a word or two at the end of this post.  In the words of Jackie Gleason, "and away we go":

Libya - US led airstrikes against Libya continued this month with eventual transfer of command to NATO troops.  The airstrikes and support of a no-fly zone in Libya are meant to aid the rebels of the country seeking to oust Khadafy.  There is an article in todays NY Times which examines the constant deluge of other news events as a reason many Americans are unsure and underwhemled at our actions against Libya.   Already, we have troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Has another military incursion in the Middle East left the American public fatigued and less sensitive to the news being reported from Libya?  Has the news coverage been comprehensive?  I don't know but I welcome your comments on these questions.

Inundated with News, Many Find It Difficult To Keep Up on Libya

Japan - The news from Japan this month has been heartbreaking.  From the earthquake and tsunami sustained by the land of the rising sun to the release of radiation into the atmosphere from its Fukushima nuclear complex, Japan faces significant rebuilding challenges in the months ahead.  Another Times article today points out that Japanese safety rules with respect to its nuclear plants, grossly underestimated the threat posed by earthquakes and tsunamis.  Essentially, the Japanese nuclear plants were designed and built long before science made greater understanding seismic and tsunami events.  Could the Japanese have done anything to prepare for the events following their recent disaster?  Did the Japanese fall behind?  What does that say to the United States as our infrastructure crumbles around us?

Old Science on Tsunami Risk Guided Japan's Nuclear Safety Rules

Geraldine Ferraro dies - She was the first female to be nominated vice-president for the Democratic party in 1984.  She died yesterday after a long illness.  While her place in history is certain, the campaign she ran with the presidential nominee, Walter Mondale was trounced by incumbent President Reagan and Vice President Bush.  I suppose her selection led the way for many other female politicans and for Sarah Palin's nomination as vice -president for the Republicans in 2008. 

Sports convergence - The end of March brings a convergence of stories relating to the sports world.  March Madness reaches a fever ptich as the NCAA men's basketball tournament reaches its final four.  This year's tournament has featured many upsets and that is always a fun thing to watch.  Well, as of this writing, I have Kansas and U Conn still in it but so does mostly everyone else.  Who do you having winning your NCAA selection pool?

Blogger's edit:  After posting this blog post, Kansas was eliminated from the NCAA men's basketball tournament, losing to 71 to 61 to Virginia Commonwealth.  Well that just leaves U Conn for me and I think President Obama's picks for the final four have all been eliminated.

Baseball season begins at the end of the upcoming week.  Let's go Yankees and Mets in this area and to your favorite team.  The Mets are a mess but I hope they are a bit entertaining.  The behind the scenes shenanigans and revelations regarding the lack of money by the Mets majority ownership, the Wilpon's, and their role in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme will be a subtext to this season.  I hope fans stay away in droves from Citifield and pray that the Wilpons sell the team to an owner who is a big fish and not the small time posers the Wilpons seem to be.  What do you think Mets fans?

Finally, the Knicks have become unhinged lately, losing to the lowly Bobcats last night.  They are three games under .500 for the season and the benefits following the trade for Carmelo Anthony so far are unrealized.  They better pick it up for the remainder of the season or else they will exit quickly from the playoffs.  What do you think?

Anyway, that's all for now.  I would love to hear back from the readers of this blog.  As I have been able to determine, I have been viewed by readers from Canada, Hungary, Vietnam, Singapore ansd Denmark.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any suggestions you may have for me for future blog posts.

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