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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Government Shutdown Avoided, What a Joke!

This blog post will be brief and it contains my feelings on the recent federal government shut down which was avoided at the eleventh hour late Friday night by some compromise being struck by Republican and Democratic leadership and the White House.

I saw a news report regarding the savings from the proposed cuts and they are truely miniscule in comparison to the total federal budget.  To put it in perspective, say the federal budget was 38 dollars, the cuts proposed was something like .38 cents. 

This scare mongoring, prior to the agreement, was repugnant.  Both Democrats and Republicans were posturing all over the news and President Obama made some sort of victory lap at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday.  The cuts should start with their salaries and their health care benefits. 

Our leaders in Washington are pathetic, they do not inspire any confidence as our country continues to weaken from within from too much debt, President Obama has spent so much money since arriving in office.  Also, he has no clue on how to be an executive which is crucial as President when tough decisions are needed to be made.  Our country also is weakend by fighting wars in many different theatres of combat and our borders are inundated with illegal aliens who are a drain on our local communities.   Our leaders, however choose to bicker back and forth full of as Shakespeare wrote "sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Soon, our reckoning will come and I shudder to think what our country will look like then.

Another quick topic in the news I would like to comment on is the assault on teacher unions by the states.  My view is that the unions collectively bargained for their benefits and wages and for states to seek drastic cuts to teacher positions will be a diservice to our children.  There is much talk of charter schools and business getting involved with schools, but a free, public education is a cornerstone of our democracy and to thriving middle-class.

If money is such a problem, how about we tax the companies taking their jobs off-shore, or how about eliminating the cushy tax breaks some corporations, like GE, get when they pay no corporate taxes.  My take is that teachers are an easy target and therefore several governors looking to make a quick score with a certain segment of their constituency have gone after the teacher unions. 

Well its getting late and I wanted to get these thoughts off my chest.  I once again appeal to my readers for a comment our two from YOU!  Please let me know what you think about the topics I have presented here or on any topic you would like to talk about.  Thanks

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