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Sunday, May 22, 2011

America's Choice

Memorial Day, this May 30th, will be a day where we all can remember our war heroes.  The men and women who've made the ultimate sacrafice for our country in defense of our freedoms.  At this time, next year, we will deep in primary season for the Republican party as they seek a candidate to challenge the "organizer-in-chief" President Barack Obama.  

So far, I have found the already announced candidates to be rather uninspired.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is far too partisan and a retread of his party's 1990's agenda which Bill Clinton successfully triangulated against during his Presidency.  Mitt Romney, while a successful businessman and former governor of a liberal state, still was unsucessful against McCain in 2008.  Also, there is that business of him being of the Mormon faith.  This does not translate well in the Bible-belt south, where the locals there like their own good-old time religion and see the Mormon faith and think polygomy.

There are several governors, or former governors, running or being looked at to run.  Among this group is former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.  Didn't a bridge in his state collapse killing some drivers in 2007?  New Jersey's Chris Christie, whose gruff demeanor and tough talking has endeared him to the TV cameras is another politico being courted to run.

Sarah Palin is a wild card who may influence the Republican Party in 2012 as she has kept her profile high with the public since resigning as Alaska's governor.  It is suspected that she has quietly purchased a home in Arizona in anticipation of announcing that she will run.

The next few months moving into 2012 will be interesting for all watchers of politics.  I find the announced Republican candidates rather uninspiring.  It is truely a shame since President Obama has, to me, failed to deliver on his platform of change.  He has not distinguished himself as President to this voter and his approval ratings are weak.

He has continued to spend and spend our country out of the Great Recession and it hasn't worked.

Unemployment is still high, around 9%
Home Values have remained low, the Housing Market is anemic with few signs of any rebound.
We are still fighting two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq despite the fact the big bad wolf, Osama Bin Laden was killed May 1.

The potential challengers seeking nomination of the Republican party have to develop their vision for America for the next decade and beyond.  Personally, I want to hear a candidate talk about America rising out of these times and become reinvigorated and strong again.  He or she needs to stress that America will create new jobs only when we begin to  manufacture here in the USA.  Look at most of your products and clothing where was it produced?  You know the answer and it wasn't here.  Another question, what product in your home was manufactured here?  Essentially, for much of my life, we have subscribed to a low cost mentality for our consumer goods which has resulted in the loss of our manufacturing base.  We need a return to that former strength.  This is also good for our defense because now we purchase much of our goods that are manufactured cheaply in Communist China.  China has used our dollars to build up their country and develop their military.

A Presidential challenger needs to court business but not be in their pockets.  My ideal candidate would openly discuss the need to maintain our borders from illegal immigration and make it known that our borders will be defended, militarily if necessary, from narco-thugs who are causing trouble in the Southwest. 

Finally, I think a potential Presidential challenger will need to look at America's past in order to shape our future.  During the Great Depression, there were a number of agencies created to put people to work.  We need some return to these types of programs.  For example a Works Progress Administration to build and/or rehab public works or a  Civilian Conservation Corps to clean and restore our public lands and parks.

We are a crumbling nation, rotting from within by corruption, apathy, self-centeredness and distracted by an endless cycle of entertainment which passes itself off as news.  In my opinion, America's choice in 2012 is crucial for every American and the election will be a real "game changer." 

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