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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thoughts on Father's Day

Well with Father's Day 2011 almost concluded, I wanted to express some thoughts on being a father.  It is quite a responsibility to have three young children.  I am truely blessed that they are healthy and thriving.  Their futures have yet to be written.  It's great to see each of their individual personalities emerging.  In my son Joseph, I see a boy so curious about his world and I love that he asks me so many questions that begin with "why."  He is also displaying a mechanical ability by working with tools and last week he assisted me and my father-in-law last week to assemble beds for his twin sisters, which is great.

My daughters are fantastic, they are very chatty.  I suppose that they are making up for lost time from late last year when their daycare teacher expressed concerns that they weren't talking.  Anyway, Sami can be reserved around others and makes quiet observations when faced with a new person or surroundings.  Caroline, is the second son, I will never have.  She wants to do everything her brother does and she charges right into battle.  I am amazed that she can also turn into the girly-girly just as easily as she does the tom-boy stuff.

I loved all the drawings and gifts from my children today.  Aimee, my wife made the day extra special for me with a surprise breakfast and we all enjoyed the day together.  We also visited my father to wish him a Happy Father's Day.

My father is the best.  He has taught me, through his example, to be a devoted husband, a listening father and a good son.  I am very lucky, I was born into a large family of 12 children.  At some moment during the course of the day, I will have a brief moment where I am in awe that my father and mother raised all of us.  I am certain that it wasn't always easy for them, but we never once knew that.  What we knew was that Daddy and Mommy would be there for us.  That security was what we needed to grow and develop and become the persons we are today.  I hope I can be as half as good of a Dad with my three children.

There's a song lyric that I like and it sums up to me what family and being a father is all about:

"What does it mean when you belong to someone
When you're born with a name, when you carry it on." 

Past, present and future all sumed up so eloquently in this song.

Happy Father's Day 2011.

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