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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where have you gone...

The title of this post truly sums up my current thinking, as well as my lack of postings to this blog.  First, I have been quite busy the last few weeks with work.  I have been organizing my paperwork with an eye towards finishing the final weeks of school and preparing report cards.  My family duties have also kept me running around with my son playing Little League Baseball, usually twice a week.  Also, my in-laws are visiting from Florida and they have been staying much of their trip with us.  Their arrival has brought an opportunity to clean out much of the clutter around the house.  Most of the clutter is in the form of baby supplies and toys.  We are targeting a large garage sale for the next weekend not only to get rid of these items but to generate some cash for what else, more stuff!!!

While, I enjoy the process of blogging, my goal with this blog was to generate some discussion regarding topics, mostly current events, which I have an interest in discussing.  While I have had some feedback, it has been minimal so I once again ask those who read my posts, join the discussion and leave me feedback.  Opportunities to do so can be found at the bottom of the post or through my e-mail: or Tweet me by following me on Twitter @SteveKeegan10.

Speaking of Twitter, Congressman Anthony Weiner of NY has sought to take a leave of absence following his revelations that he engaged in sending pictures of himself, some sexually explicit, through social media sites of Twitter and Facebook.  While he was quite foolish at the start of this mess with his claim of a prank, he then followed the standard playbook for all politicians and Tiger Woods: the public apology and press conference.  I heard some of the Q and A's while driving my children home from daycare last week.  Don't these people ever think about their own wives and families?

I still believe that while Weiner's conduct is atrocious, it distracts us all from the real issues facing our great republic.  First and foremost is our languishing economy.  The jobs picture is very bleak.  I graduated last year with a Master's degree in Education.  I am certified to teach Elementary Education or Special Education grades 1-6.  I was unable to even get a single interview last year, prior to 2010-11 year.  Fortunately the organization I was working for operates a school for severely disabled children and I was successful in getting an interview and finding a job there.

I have been a critic of the President in terms of how he's handled the economy.  Gas has been too high this spring, where is he?  He has the Bully Pulpit he needs to use it more than he has, which has been never at all.  During this unraveling time, our country needs a clear focus and purpose in this 21st Century interconnected world. 

Finally, I couldn't sleep this past Friday night and I began listening to AM Coast to Coast on the radio.  The topic that night was on Near Death Expereinces (NDE).  According to the expert, P.M.H. Atwater, people who have NDE's tend to lose their fear of death, and become more loving and charitable.  What struck me most, while listening was those who go through NDE learn that there is one god, one people, one family, onme existance, one law (love), one commandment (service), and one solution (forgiveness).  Isn't the last part a great recipe for living? Love your neighbor, be in service to others (not expecting anything in return) and forgive others.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we can follow through with these tenets for living. 

"Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio, A nation turns its lonely eyes to you."


  1. Great post. I thought I was the writer in the family but you have turned out to be quite a bard!

  2. Beautifully written. Very thoughtful and a noble charge for all to follow. Dan