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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Boogeyman

Boy this weekend has flown by.  In between some R and R for me and my family, I have watched and read coverage of the massacre in and outside Oslo, Norway which has left over 90 people dead.  In case you haven't heard about it, first there was a bomb explosion in central Oslo on Friday which was followed by a shooting rampage at a summer camp outside the city.  Police apprehended a 32 year old suspect.  This native Norwegian man is described as being a gun loving, Christian fundamentalist obsessed with Muslim immigration and globalization which he deemed as threats.

This is strangely similar to the Oklahoma City bombing which occured in 1995 where former soldier Timothy McVeigh was tried and executed for commiting that act.  While both these events were terrible, I wonder how does these tragic events benefit the ruling elite?  In Oklahoma City, obviously, President Bill Clinton received a bounce up in his approval ratings for his leadership and his Justice Department's swift apprehension of McVeigh.  I am not so sure about the internal politics of Norway to comment on how this tragic event will impact the Norwegian people.

In the short term, it seems to me that the "right-wing" Christian, gun enthusiast who expresses anti-immigrant views or is against globalization will be looked at with greater suspicion.  This is unfortunate because these are serious issues which need to be addressed and discussed without fear of being grouped as a member of some lunatic fringe.

Once again during my adult life, there has been a great push by business towards globalization and open borders.  During this time, the USA has seen its manufacturing base shrink.  Also, during the last 20 years, it seems to me that illegal immigration has hurt our country by denying citizens jobs which they could do and driving down wages.  Additionally, the crimes committed by illegals are a drain on our criminal justice system. 

In reflecting about this topic, I have a number of questions regarding these important issues:  How has globalization benefitted the citizens of the USA?  Has globalization made us less secure as a sovereign nation?   How much immigration can our nation absorb?  What should be our government's response to illegal immigration? 

Finally, our prayers should go out to the families of the victims of the Oslo massacre but also we should be wary of anyone proposing that anyone offering serious concerns about the issues of immigration and globalization be viewed as the Boogeyman and therefore be looked at with suspicion and fear. 

In my opinion, we need to be more concerned with the looting of our economy by the banksters and businessmen who put our country us in such terrible economic shape and then had large government sponsored bailouts to sustain and regroup their operations, they are the true boogeymen. 

I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts, so make your voice be heard and comment...


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