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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Part 1...

Hurricane Irene, which is to make land at any moment in North Carolina, has caused a great deal of stress for the 65 million Americans or more who reside in its expected path.  My family and I, are just five of those citizens who will be affected by Irene as it approaches New York beginning late tomorrow thru all day Sunday.

As for my previous experience with the fury of a hurricane, I recall flashes of Hurricane Belle in 1976 and Hurricane Gloria in 1985.  During Gloria, as the eye of the storm passed over Long Island, I delivered Newsday which was once a great afternoon newspaper.  My memories of these two events are clouded by the great deal of time that has passed.

Today, I spent a considerable amount of time placing most of our outdoor furniture into my shed in my backyard.  Unfortunately with three children so close in age we have amassed a large amount of toys, childrens vehicles, and other assorted items which take up space which I could use at the moment.  Tomorrow, I have to secure some of these items I intend on keeping outside during Irene's visit.  To make matters more problematic, I have several large items in a garbage space outside as they will be picked up by my town's Sanitation Department on Tuesday, August 30th.  I hope the space I have left these items at will be okay during the hurricane.  We'll see.

Aimee and I have enough water and food to last us in the event of expected power outages.  Small shopping trips were made today and yesterday.  Today, there seemed to be many people at the grocery store stockpiling items such as water, canned foods, eggs and breaf.  Our cars have gas in case we need to get moving, although we reside in an area which didn't require an evacuation.

Despite all this late flurry of activity, I pause and pray that the damages to property and any inconveniences experienced to my neighbors, friends and family will be minimal.

Fingers crossed, stay safe.

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