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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chewbacca our new Puppy

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend last year my family visited Uncle Leo's home. There my twin daughters had a fun time playing with his dog. There the idea to obtain a dog for my family began. A search for small dogs at local shelters proved futile as there were far too many large and menacing looking dogs looking for homes. A small dog, such as a chihuahua, would suit or house perfectly as we have a small yard and inside space. Also, my children wouldn't be gripped with fear from a larger dog.

My wife, son and I went to a local pet store after checking out the selection of chihuahua puppies on its website. We had our eyes set on a white pup named Skippy. We asked to see him in a quieter space in the shop along with another puppy. Skippy was pretty exuberant and he was vocal and jupping on the other puppy. We then asked if they had any other chihuahuas and the employee brought back our puppy. I forget what name he was given by the store but he is a black and tan little guy weighing about 5 pounds. He was getting picked on by Skippy and the other female pup but he seemed to take it in stride and not react aggressively. After talking with my wife and son, we decided this was the puppy we wanted.

We decided on a name for our puppy in the store: Chewbacca, Chewy for short. Chewy was almost 4 months old at the time and in almost two months of having him with us he has adjusted well to the daily hustle and bustle at Casa Keegan. He has reduced the amount of accidents inside the house, thankfully. He also enjoys cuddling up with either me or my wife. With the children, he has had moments of terror as one of my daughters, Samantha, picks him up as though he was a doll. Slowly she's getting used to treating him as a living thing. Also, we continue to impress upon the kids the need to not make Chewy nervous by yelling and screaming.   We continue to seek improvement in this area. Chewy lives up to his name as he likes his chew toy alot.

 We are enjoying Chewy's addition to our family and I now realize the special joy all pet owners have from their relationship with their furry friend.

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