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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Look up to the Sky

My theme today is taken from an editorial which ran in Saturday March 3, 2012 edition of The New York Times.  Titled "In the Sky Above", the editorial notes that over the next few nights in the western sky there will be a chance to view not only the Moon but also the planets Venus and Jupiter in a unique and rare alignment. 

The editorial mentions that over the next few days it will appear as though Venus and Jupiter will be getting closer to each other and in the eastern sky Mars will be rising. 

All of this movement makes me reflect on how those looking up to the sky hundreds of years ago viewed Earth as the fixed point, the center of the universe, which these planets and other heavenly bodies revolved around.  Today, we know that isn't the case as we know the Earth makes its annual passage around the Sun just like our other neighbors do in this solar system. 

I also think of how truely small and fragile we all are on this planet when I look up to the sky.  When we consider the size and scope of our place in the solar system, it makes all our problems a lot smaller and for a few moments forgotten.

So take a look up at the skies this week as we reach a full Moon on March 8 and marvel at the wonder of life and place in it all as we trek on spaceship Earth surrounded by our celestial neighbors. 

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