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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rites of Spring

This weekend, here in NY, has brought a bounty of incredible warm weather.  This has been refreshing since most of the past week has been cool and a mix of that in between late winter/early spring mixed up weather.

As it heats up, I am so happy to get outside and play around in the garden and maitain the lawn and garden.  For many of my neighbors, they have landscape services which handle that but I prefer to get my hands dirty and get it done myself.

So this week, I continued to clean the yard with an eye towards this warm weather we would be having this weekend.  On Friday, I picked up some flowers and other supplies and I planned on transplanting some flowers purchased to two hanging baskets located near the side entrance to the house.  I also picked up some Pansies with nice purple flowers, I would place in two large heavy planters near my front entrance.  I also picked up some soil, seeds and fertilizer for my lawn.

With my three assistants, I returned home Friday and went out to plant.   Here are the pictures of our progress:

As the weather continues to warm up and as the Spring season moves along, I will continue to work on the garden and lawn  and shape it into something nice.

Any landscape designers out there?  I would love to get some feedback from you as I have some questions for you.  Thanks

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