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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Beginnings

Hello again and welcome back to my blog.  Here we are in April and my allergies are probably at their worst today than they've been in a while.  The warmer weather that typified the last month here in NY has returned to where it should be, high 50's and 60's.

Yesterday, I celebrated Easter.  The weather was beautiful and my children enjoyed an easter egg hunt.  I was so proud at how they behaved so well at church.  This time of year holds so much promise and signals rebirth following the dark, cold winter.

I am off this week from school and I look forward to resting and reflecting before the return next week.  Last year, we drove to Florida during the Spring Break.  It was fun but something I wouldn't want to repeat this year.

The Spring heralds the arrival of our national pastime, Baseball.  The 2012 season has begun.  Right now my favorite team the New York Mets stand 3 wins and 0 losses.  They have completed a sweep of theirarch- rivals, the Atlanta Braves.  Is this team a mirage, showing each Met fan the promise of better days ahead.  Although it is very, very early in the year I hope the Mets will provide its fans with sound fundamental baseball with its team of blue collar no name primadonnas group of players.

Across town the Yankees,  with their reconizable constellation of All Stars, were swept by Tampa Bay to open their season.  The Yanks may be beginning to show its age from Jeter to A-Rod.  Going forward, it should be an interesting season for sure. 

What's on your agenda for Spring? Leave me a reply, I would love to hear back from you!!!!

 I plan on working on my garden as the weather warms up. 

I hope your holiday was a peaceful one and that you enjoy whatever Spring activities you may have planned.

Finally, for all my fellow Met fans out there.  I am posting this video I found off Youtube.  It's from a guy who went to the Mets home opener in 1982 against the Phillies.  He must have had a very expensive camera because the quality is excellent.  It captures the essence of the loveable dump Shea Stadium was and the fans attending the game.  I was laughing so hard during this video, enjoy.

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