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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Salute to Mothers on Mother's Day

Hello and welcome back to my blog as the calendar moves through May.  The weather has settled down this Mother's Day weekend from the April-like showers those of us in the Northeast U.S. were treated to earlier in the week. It does feel like a nice spring day today.

Tomorrow (or Today depending when this is posted) is Mother's Day and I wanted to share a brief reflection on Mothers.  First is my own Mom.  She is a very special woman.  I am one of her 12 children, her 10th to be precise.  My Mother is Mother to 8 daughters and 4 sons and she has 30 grandchildren.  Growing up, she taught us the most important lessons at home by displaying a constant selflessness towards her children which has been a strong example for me and my siblings in our adult lives.  Is it any wonder that a majority of her children ended up working in professions where they serve others for a greater good.  I have been blessed by having such a great Mother who, together with my Father, were the best role models anyone could ever asked for. 

The lessons she learned as a little girl during the Depression Era 1930's and WW II years hold a significant resonance to me as I raise my children along with my wife today in the 21st Century modern age.  Thank you Mom for all that have done for me and my brothers and sisters over the years.  I hope you have a peaceful Mother's Day.  We will see you soon!

Happy Mother's Day to my wife Aimee.  We too are blessed with three growing children.  My wife is simply the best.  She has been able to balance work and the duties of motherhood with true multi-tasking skill.  I am a lucky man to have her as a partner who is so well rounded and attentive.  She is definitely the heart of our home, keeping everything beating and flowing along.  She also keeps me well fed!!!

Finally, In the spirit of Mother's Day it seems that Spring can officially declared here as we will soon be treated to the miracle of life just outside the door.  A Mother Robin bird has built a nest inside a sand castle bucket belonging to my daughter.  This bucket was sitting on the top of a storage shed outside of my house.  This scenario happened last year in the same spot but I disturbed the nest and broke one of its eggs.  It was then abandoned by Mama bird.  This year, I left her and the nest alone.  I did see four blueish eggs inside the intricate nest.  Mama bird's been here all week and maybe by next week, the eggs will hatch with her little birds.  Ah, the miracle of life.

Have a Fabulous Mother's Day Moms.

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