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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Hello and welcome to another edition of my blog.  I am so amazed at the continued response to my Baseball Card Table Post.  I put the project up on IKEA Hackers Blog and many of the views of the blog have come from the IKEA Hackers site.  It's great to see all the places around the world these readers are from, truely a global brand that IKEA.

Anyway, today June 17 is Father's Day in the United States of America.  I wanted to give my Dad thanks for all he has done for all of my brother's and sisters.  He and Mom raised the 12 of us teaching us the most important lessons at home by example and gentle encouragement.  I have often said that now as a father of 3 myself, just a fraction of the children he had, I am so amazed that he and Mom had all of their children.

Sure, there were less distractions 50 and 40 years ago and one wage earner could support a household.  Today, it seems the consumer culture has won with marketers targeting babies practically from the crib and at times it seems that the speed of today's society has changed the dynamics of families, one could argue not for the better. 

My Father is a man of faith and he knows that it's foundation is in the home.  Like a patient gardener, which he actually is, my Dad has tended his garden which has now rewarded him with 30 grandchildren and at times a very busy house.

I had the pleasure to travel with him and Mom to Paris, France in March of 1999.  It was my first trip to Europe and his first to Paris.  At the time, I worked for Marriott and  we stayed at a nice Courtyard property in Neuilly, a suburb just outside the city.  Dad rented a car for excursions to Versailles, Aimens, and Chartres.  It was an experience I will always treasure since it was just the 3 of us and two years later we returned to France.  In 2001, we were joined by my wife, sister and Aunt and Uncle.  We visited the Normandy D-day sites and Mt. St. Michel.

Good Times, Great Man.
Thanks Dad

We love you.

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