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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Decisions and an Observation

The Supreme Court of the United States made its ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act, aka Obamacare this morning.  While I have not read the decision yet, it appears that the court has upheld the law as constitutional and with a 5-4 ruling, Obamacare and its individual mandate requiring individuals to purchase health insurance will become law. 

Chief Justice Roberts was the key swing vote joining the courts liberal members as he wrote the majority opinion, The court ruled that the federal government does have the power to require all Americans to acquire insurance if the "fine" imposed on those who don't is considered a tax.

This decision will, no doubt, become a key topic during this fall's presidential campaign and the Republican members of Congress will look to repeal the law.  

My take is that this law will be put in effect in 2014.  Despite its noble promise, to provide healthcare to all American, healthcare costs will continue to rise and the hardworking taxpayer will see his private healthcare costs soar.


I have been off this week and enjoying some quiet time at home and catching up on some household chores.  I have one observation being at home:

People are lazy.

Over the last few days I have counted at least 10 landscaping trucks providing landscaping services to my surrounding neighbors.  Each truck carries a trailer hitch and is staffed by at least 4 to 5 employees.  They come at all times and their machines make a lot of noise.  Are people that lazy that they can't mow a small strip of front and back lawn?  I actually like the exercise benefit I get from mowing my grass.  I remember in 1986, when I was 15, I worked one spring and summer with a neighbor who had his own landscaping business.  This was a good job for a high school kid who wanted to make a few extra bucks.  Now these "professional landscaping services" are all over the place and I don't see one high school kid working with them. 

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