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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Watching History

My post today comes from the historic accomplishment made by the New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana last night.  Santana's achievement was that he threw the first no-hitter in the 50 year history of the team.  For readers of this blog who live overseas, in baseball a pitcher throws to a batter who then takes a swing and attempts to put the ball into play and reach first base.  Last night, Santana allowed 0 hits.

What's remarkable to me is that Santana didn't pitch all of last season as he was recovering from shoulder surgery.  He has made an amazing recovery and is the ace of the rotation.  Last night also was a shared experience with Met fans from all over through the use of social media.  I was with my family and as it usually happens my children were watching some tv before they went to bed.  I was checking the Mets score on their website and on Twitter.  From the Mets site, there were automatic updates to the game from the 6th inning onwards.  As my kids went to sleep, I switched channels to watch the later innings and saw Mike Baxter, #theprideofwhitestone make an incredible catch to preserve the no-hit bid.  He left the game as he hit the outfield wall pretty hard, hopefully he isn't hurt too bad.

Once Santana recorded his last out, the tweets from Met fan twitteratti exploded, including several celebratory tweets from yours truely.  When you think of the 50 year history of the team and the great pitchers who have played for the team: Seaver, Kooseman, Ryan, Gooden, Cone etc none ever pitched a no-hitter.  Last nights events have solidified Santana's place in Mets history and now, after a few years in their new stadium, Citi Field can be called home.

Congratulations, Johan Santana.  Thanks for making Hi57ory and thank you Mets for your team like approach and early season success so far.

Let's Go Mets.

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