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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Farewell Summer: It was over before it began.

Hello again and welcome to my blog.  It's been quite a while since my last post and the calendar has almost reached the unofficial end of summer.  In another week and a half it will be September and Labor Day will be upon us.  My kids will soon be back to school, 1 first grader and 2 kindergarteners here at home, and teachers will be back to work. 

Many teachers, which include 5 members of my family, have been off since the end of June.  As for me, after having the last week off in June, I worked at my school from July 3 through August 10th as part of its extended year program.  I had fun this summer with my students as there were weekly activities structured for them to enjoy as well as swimming twice a week.  Also, very exciting to me, my room received an interactive Smartboard and we began to use it in a variety of ways.

During the start of my school's summer program I was very fortunate to have my children stay with my in-laws during the first part of the program.  My children enjoyed staying with Mama and Papa in Florida and they all returned to NY as much better swimmers. 

My in-laws then brought the children home in mid July and they stayed with us for the last month of summer school.  I want to express to them my thanks and gratitude for their generosity and assistance during their stay with us.  The moments shared with your grandchildren will be ones they will remember forever.

Since school ended on August 10th, I've had almost three weeks to cram in as much activity as I can squeeze in with my family and it's been great having this time with them.  With my girls, we've made tie died t-shirts and with my son we've gone to a Mets game.  My kids are also participating in Pee Wee Football and Cheerleading so that has kept us busy with practices twice a week.  Once school begins it will get even busier around here but I am looking forward to the new school year and my children's continued educational journey.  We also visited their former daycare where we saw many of the staff that watched and worked with my three kids for four years.  The staff in the baby room were amazed at how tall my daughters are.  I remember bringing them there as babies in a double stroller and now they are ready for school. 

This may be my last blogpost for a little while.  I've been posting to my blog since 1/2011 and while I enjoy an occasional opine about some current event or personal story i wish to share, I haven't received as much feedback from the readers (at least enough to engage me and offer any inspiration or debate) as I wished to have, despite my appeals for comments.  The most views I've had to a particular blogpost was to the modified IKEA table I affixed baseball cards to and varnished back in the spring.  I suppose readers liked that activity.

Another factor in any reduced output in blogpost is time.  Once school begins, I will be busy with work (my own and my children's schoolwork).  As a result, the opportunities that  I could get some time to spend on the blog will be few and far between. 

Maybe the overall format of the blog will change.  In this age of Twitter, maybe shorter blogposts would be the answer to the lack of time I have to devote to the blog.

As been said on T.V. "stay tuned."  

Would love to hear from you so drop me a line and/or follow me on Twitter @SteveKeegan10.


  1. OK Comic Books you didnt put them in a table top or bar lamination.Nice blog,5 teachers wow.Speaking for me and some people from Tennessee CDB quote,keep it going.

    1. Jack, I do have materials for one more table. Comic Books and their covers would make a cool table. Gotta run by Mom's and see what's left in her attic. Thanks for your encouragement and if I do continue the blog, my posts will be shorter and less frequent than my previous posts.

    2. e I think Sean may have some old comic books....

  2. Steve, I enjoy reading your blogs, but I certainly understand how busy your days will be come September! Enjoy your last days of vacation.

    1. Thanks Mary. I hope you enjoy the waning days of summer too.