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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Arts: The Return

Well here in the New York area we've experienced and survived a nasty winter storm named Nemo.  For several hours yesterday, I shoveled  out the driveway and cleaned off our cars so Monday everyone can get back to routine.  Today, with the sun is shining bright, I wanted to add a post featuring the return of my Sunday Arts feature.

I wanted to use this post to offer my tribute to the caricaturist Al Hirshfeld.  Most of Hirshfeld's work I would see at a young age in the Sunday edition of The New York Times, Arts and Leisure section, usually in the Theatre section.  Hirshfeld's caricatures would often accompany a story about some upcoming play, a profile of a performer or The Tony Awards preview. 

As I entered High School, I had several opportunities to attend Broadway shows.  I remember seeing Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs and Broadway Bound as well as Shakespeare's  MacBeth with my classmates. 

In my college years and beyond, I have seen many other shows and  I would continue to read the Sunday Times to keep aware of what shows were coming or going.  Hirshfeld's works were always an essential part of my enjoyment of the theatre as his caricatures would provide some glimpse into a show's presentation.

Hirshfeld also liked to make use of the lines in his pictures to embed the name of his daughter, I think, her name is Nina.  So an illustration might have a tag of Nina3, meaning there were 3 Nina's found in the picture.

Also, as a budding charicaturist, I attempted to emulate his style as I swiped a picture of Magnum PI actor Tom Selleck and I gave it to my sister, who was Selleck fan (she still has the picture after 25+ years). 

Hirshfeld died in 2003 and later that year a theatre, The Martin Beck theatre was renamed in his honor.  I had seen the revival of Guys and Dolls there in 2003.

Hirshfeld was the quintessential New Yorker who, thru his art, adored and promoted the perfoming arts in the greatest city of the world.

Official Hirshfeld webpage


  1. Hey Steve, I like the "Tom Selleck." Well done!

  2. Thanks Roy,

    I can't claim ownership of the Selleck. That's a Hirshfeld. But mine was very similar to that one.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.