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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Reboot

Here it is March 29, 2013, with only 3 days left in the month, finally the lamb has arrived.  Much of the weather here in the New York "tri-state" this month has been a lion like mash up of unseasonably cold temperatures joined by an occasional mix of wet and wintry precipitation.

Today, the sun is shining bright and the temps are approaching their seasonal norms.  There is a noticeable change in that the sun is much higher in the sky during the day.  Almost on cue, the birds are returning and singing their tunes throughout the day.

There is much to do in the weeks and months ahead.  I have many projects to complete as I still have to repair several home items from damage caused by the Hurricane Sandy in October. 

Spring is a great time to get active and move as the winter typically finds me shut-in and being quite the couch potato.  That is a situation that can get routine if you allow it to and the results of that lifestyle are disturbing. 

I recently watched a cool documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  In the film, Australian Joe Cross comes to the USA and for 60 days he undertakes a supervised juice fast.  He travels the country preaching the gospel of juicing to others that they "reboot" their lives with a juice fast. 

Joe Cross loses quite a bit of weight and an auto-immune disorder he has gets under control which allows him to eliminate the host of prescription medicines he takes.  Also, Joe meets a trucker during his journey who later seeks him out for help to save his life.

While, I have juiced fruits and vegetables in the past, I have never committed to fruit and vegetable juices as being my only source of calories for a defined period of time.  Seeing the results of others on the film and at Joe's website:, I plan to try some sort of juice fast sometime this spring.

My goal with the juice fast would be to reboot my system, lose a few pounds and attempt to carryover this wellness approach after the juice fast (i.e. avoiding the sweets and other pitfalls). 

Have you ever tried something like this?  Did it work?

In closing, have a Happy Easter or Passover and get out there and reboot your life this spring.

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