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Monday, July 29, 2013

Weiner Island

Much has been written and reported locally and nationally over the past week regarding politician Anthony Weiner who resigned from his Congressional seat in 2011 after revelations that he sent via Twitter naked pictures of himself to several women.  Weiner is seeking the Democratic party nomination for Mayor of New York City and the recent news of him sending a new crop of naked pictures, via social media, of himself to other women as well as conversing in a highly sexual online conversation were revealed last week.

Weiner's attempts to deflect the latest news has put his wife, Huma Abedin, in the harsh glare of the public.  Ms. Abedin's relationship as a political aide to former Secretary of State and potential Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton surely came in handy as she stood by his side (cue Tammy Wynette music) at the initial press conference when Weiner was attempting to downplay the recent news. 

At present time, Weiner remains in the hunt for the nomination defiant as ever, despite having his campaign manager resign, his poll numbers heading to the South Pole and his wife now retreating from the harsh glare of the spotlight.  Tabloids here in NY report that Bill and Hillary are none to pleased with the linkage and comparison of "Slick Willie's" dalliances with Monica L back when he was known as President Bill Clinton.

My take on these matters is that Weiner should have seriously taken the time off and got the real help he needed to satisfy his urges and addictions back in 2011.  His recent actions occurred just last year and now he seeks to brush it aside and downplay his behavior as he campaigns.  In my opinion, he is a sleaze and his wife is a political opportunist.  It's unfortunate that this sideshow detracts from the other candidates, from all political parties, who are talking about the real issues facing New Yorkers. 

I am glad I don't live on Manhattan Island or any of the other boroughs of NYC, so I really have no vote.  This blogpost is my only forum for me to cast my vote: It's high time for Weiner to drop out of the race and let this circus end. 

Watch this video below from the past weekend.  Weiner was asked a question from a former NYC School Teacher about his conduct.  Watch him evade an attempt at answering her directly.

The tribe has spoken (apologies to Survivor), extinguish your Tiki torch Anthony.



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