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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Social Media MIA - A Lenten Sacrifice

Tomorrow marks one of the holiest days in the Church's calendar: Good Friday.  It is recognized as the day Jesus fulfilled God's plan and sacrificed his life to redeem mankind from sin by suffering death on the cross.  While quite sad on the surface as Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem with waving palms and cheers from the Jewish people, this mood quickly changed as Jesus was cursed and spit on by the same people who days earlier welcomed him as a King.  Good Friday is a solemn day but one we must remember is not the end of the story and in a few days we celebrate Jesus' resurrection and victory over death.

During the last several weeks during Lent as part of a Lenten sacrifice, I gave up the use of Social Media.  I made no posts on Facebook or Twitter.  Today, with the ubiquitous use of mobile technology, it was a great effort to refrain from using the assorted social apps to see what was going on locally and beyond.  The benefits to me were more time to devote to other activities with my family. 

I also haven't posted a new blog post for quite a while too, something I have missed as there is always something to opine about. 

In closing, I wish everyone a blessed holiday, whatever your faith.

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