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Friday, August 7, 2020

Covid-19 Blues

 2020 has been a horrible year.  I've got the Covid-19 Blues. 

Well I got that off my chest.  Since March, five months ago, life as we know it has been upended.  We've seen schools closed and remote or virtual classrooms used to instructed our children.  Grocery stores and restaurants began to deliver food directly to homes in greater numbers than ever before and masks have become fashion statements.

This has been the summer of discontent as we've seen the number of cases of Covid-19 rise steadily from June thru the present in many southern and western states.  Where I live, New York, the cases have dropped from its peak earlier in the spring.  Just today the Governor Cuomo announced that schools would be opening in September as long as the average rate of positive tests is below 5 percent.  Most of the state, including NYC, has maintained a 1 percent positive rate.  

This summer has also seen the voices of protest echo throughout major metropolitan cities and suburbs to address long standing issues relating to policing in these communities and equity in society.

To top it all off, we are also in a Presidential election year which will no doubt numb us all with advertisements during the fall.  

I often wonder if things will ever get back to how they were.  I'm not so sure.  What do we want a post-Covid-19 America and world to look like? I'd love to hear your thoughts so be sure to drop a comment.  

I would argue that now, 2020, we stand at a unique moment of time and each generation, Silents, Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Generation Z all have important roles to play to ensure that 2021 and beyond will be better days.  

One thing I know for sure:  it's sure to be a bumpy ride.  

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Return of the Blog - SK's Emporium

Welcome to my Blog Page.  It's been a few years since I've actively posted content here on this page and I'm happy to have returned.  Moving forward, I will be adding new posts commenting on a variety of topics.  

In the meantime, I'd like to introduce the designs I made for a host of products found at SK's Emporium (my teespring shop).  The link is

The first is called 2020 Is it over yet?  This design is available on cloth face masks, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and on I-Phone cases. 

The other design is called Home Schooled and is on Kids t-shirts.  Check out my shop and look for more designs in the future.  

No doubt, your purchase of any of the items found at SK's Emporium will be a source of conversation and humor.  Lord knows we need to laugh during this time. 

Thanks and please leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear from you all!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Use for Old Baseball Cards Pt II

Having started the project to hack an exisitng piece of IKEA furniture: the LACK table, I planned to finish it sometime before my spring break vacation was finished which meant today.

To recap, I purchased the LACK table from IKEA last week and I placed 70s and 80's baseball cards to the table top.  Yesterday, I sealed the table by applying a mixture of 4 parts glue with 1 part water.  This morning I was ready to apply the epoxy resin to coat the entire table top.  The resin would be left to cure and by tomorrow I will have a cool piece of furniture/nostalgia.

The epoxy resin was purchased at Home Depot and following the directions I measured roughly 8 oz of the epoxy and after stirring I combined with the sealer again mixing for 3 minutes.  This seemed to be enough for my table and I used the paint stirrers from Home Depot to spread the mixture across the table.

Once I was satisfied with the application, I covered the table so no outside debris or my kids would disturb the table as it cured.

Here are some pictures:

So far, so good.  The cards have taken on a shine and once fully cured, the table will be very nice to look at and to use.  This has been a fun project and while researching it on the web, I saw a cool video for making a game table that I might try with the same IKEA table (I do have enough Epoxy for one more table).  First I want to see how this one turns out.  

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Use for Old Baseball Cards - Pt 1

In just a few weeks, April 22, Earth Day will be upon us.  In the spirit of the environmental saving themes of reuse, reduce, and recycle, I've begun a project which incorporates some of these green tenets.

I saw on another blog called IKEA Hackers a cool table which was made using baseball cards on the table top .  Unfortunately, the post with the video was taken down, so I scoured the web to try to find a video which showed the technique to seal the table with epoxy resin.  This seemed like a fun project to try to take a crack at doing.

As a boy, my brother and I collected many, many, many baseball cards and a few years ago he gave me a ton of them.  I had them outside my house, sitting in a box inside my crowded shed.  They really weren't serving any purpose, so I went through them to select the cards I wanted on my table.  My choices included local favorites, from the NY Mets and Yankees and other players and cards circa 1970's and 80's.  Now I was ready to begin.

So far here's what I have done:

1) Purchased 1 - IKEA - Lack Table - 21 5/8" X 21 5/8"  - $7.99
2) Purchased 1 - Glue Gun and Package of Glue Sticks - $5.50
3) Sort through 70's - 80's era Topp's and Fleer Baseball Cards for use on table - Priceless!!!
4) Arrange chosen cards and use Glue Gun to adhere cards to table.

This is the current state of my project:

My next step is to seal the cards using a mixture of 3 parts glue and 1 part water.  After that dries and once I find the appropriate epoxy resin to use, I will coat the table with the epoxy and it will cure and then hopefully it will look something like this table:

Have you ever taken on a project like this?  So far it's been fun and in researching this project, I saw a cool video where a nice looking game table was created.  Maybe a future project???  Well, I have to get this one done first. 

Take care and hope to hear from you all so don't be shy brave readers.