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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year 2012 - Predictions

New Year's Eve.  2011 is all but finished and looking back I am grateful for the blessings I have in my life.  I have a supportive wife and three healthy and growing children.  As our planet finishes its annual journey around the sun, I am all too aware of the difficulties experienced by many others this year.  Heck it was all over the news this year:  The 99%ers versus the 1%ers.  The haves versus the have-nots.  Too much divisiveness this year.  I pray that 2012 will usher in a period of change in which we are all more willing to help others and I hope there can be more creativity, cohesion and collaboration in this country.

I am also very pleased that I was able to continue this blog during the year.  Initially, this blog was a personal challenge to see if I could sustain interest in writing the posts with some regularity.  I also wanted to find a creative outlet by building the blogsite and adding assorted features to the site. I am happy that I was successful with this. 

I am also pleased that somewhere out there in cyberspace there are others who stopped by the blogsite to read my postings.  There were close to 2,300 visits to this page over the past 11 months.  I couldn't have done this alone so I wish to thank all my visitors from the USA and beyond which includes the countries of Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands and New Zealand.  Thank you all.

Finally before I move along to the predictions, I ask that my readers not be strangers to me so give me some feedback, cold or hot, here on the blog or thru my email:  You can also follow me on Twitter @SteveKeegan10.

Have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2012.  Peace.


2012 - Predictions

The 2012 Presidential election will pit President Obama versus Mit Romney.

Romney will select NJ governor Chris Christie as his running mate.

President Obama will tap Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as his running mate and install Vice-President Biden as Secretary of State.

In Congress, over 60% of seats held by incumbents will be lost to challengers due to outrage with D.C.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo becomes an early line 2016 favorite for the Presidency.

Hollywood box office continues to go south due to several factors:  bad movies and too many remakes

The Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl.

The Miami Heat will win the NBA finals.  Ouch I hate predicting this one.

The Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim will win baseball's World Series.

In business, at least one "too big to fail bank" will fail and be absorbed the other big banks.

Unemployment will remain at or near 9% for much of the year. 

Apple will announce plans to produce an I-Pad Slim - 7" tablet to challenge Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook. 

The Occupy movements will continue in the US and abroad and expand in other cities.

Russia's Putin announces his retirement from politics as protests continue to mount against him.

Iran will look to blockade the Strait of Hormuz, cutting off Oil supplies to the west.  Oil rises over 150.00 a barrel until a joint US-UK naval operation defeats the Iranians and opens up the strait.

During the 2012 Olympic Games in London, several Chinese Olympians from its basketball team look to defect.

Finally, the world will not end on December 21, 2012 but the Mayan Long Countdown will begin yet again.

Have a great year everybody.

The 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas Day has come and gone.  The commercial onslaught by retailers both brick and mortar and online which began after Halloween has subsided somewhat.  Now the push is towards those after-Christmas sales along with New Year's sales.  I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with my family.  I worked up until Christmas Eve but I was looking forward to some rest and relaxation thru the day after New Year's as school is closed during that time.  On Christmas Eve night, Aimee made a delicious dinner after spending much of her day in the kitchen and that night we had little trouble getting our 5 year old and twin 4 year olds to bed.  They were so excited to open their presents from Santa Claus the next day.

As they fell asleep with visions of sugarplums dancing in their head, I took the opportunity to clean the kitchen.  While cleaning, I tuned into New York's WQXR looking to listen to some holiday classical music.  Instead I was treated to an old fashioned radio play:  Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol.  The radio play starred F Murray Abraham as Scrooge.

I listened to the performance and enjoyed it very much.   The conversion of Scrooge, with the help of Marley and the three spirits, from being an individual who is cold, closed off to others and lacking in spirit to being one that is kind towards others, generous with his wealth and grateful is worth examining within ourselves during this holiday season. 

Like Scrooge, there have been many occasions which I've felt Christmas is a humbug, an excuse to spend money for things not really needed but then I realize that the greatest gifts during this season aren't those my children unwrapped on Christmas morning.  No the best gifts this season include the time spent with family and friends during these 12 days of Christmas, the generosity I can display to those in need and the ability to keep that spirit up during the year ahead, which I suspect will be most challenging to maintain.

As 2011 recedes, along with my head cold which has laid me up for most of today, I am grateful I have been able to share this Christmas with my family and close loved ones.   We traveled to Connecticut on Christmas day to visit Aimee's sister and family for Christmas Day and our children enjoyed spending time with their cousins, Aunts, Uncle and Mama and Papa.

I hope all my readers enjoyed their Christmas, Hannukah or other seasonal holiday this year.  I plan on making one more blogpost for this year on Saturday New Year's Eve with my predictions for 2012.  

I would love to hear from my readers so drop me a comment here or drop me an email:  and Follow me on Twitter: @SteveKeegan10

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly December

Just a quick post today as I realized my last post was several weeks ago and I'm not sure if  I will be able to crank out any more blog posts for the rest of the year, we'll see.

Anyway, Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was nice having Aimee, my wife's family, over to enjoy the delicious turkey and all the trimmings.  The following day, my family visited my brother at his home and it was a blast seeing all my brothers and sisters (all eleven of them, their spouses and also their children too) and of course Mom and Dad.

Now the calendar turns towards December and its push towards Christmas.  The weather is getting chillier this past week and old man winter will soon be firmly residing here in New York.  This is the nice part about living here and what I missed when I lived in Arizona: the seasons.  Each season has its own rhythm and there is something special about each of them.

For me, its the decorations and lights displayed outside the homes surrounding me.  It's also the time to prepare oneself during the relgious season of advent.  Preparing your hearts and minds for the greatest gift ever given to mankind.  It is all too easy to get caught up with the commercial side of the holidays and Christmas.  I know, I have three young children and when they see a commercial I hear "I want that" over and over.  They are still little and they have no understanding of the true importance of Christmas but I hope I can impress on each of them that the most important gifts in life are not those they see on slickly produced television commercials but the time spent and values taught in the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

I am thinking of having a final blog post for the year with several predictions for 2012.  I would love to include predictions from the readers of this blog so please leave me a message here on the blog or email me at for further information or with any questions.  Also follow me on Twitter @SteveKeegan10.  Years ago on Nightline, Ted Koppel would have several panelists make their predictions for the year ahead.  I'd like to do something similar for my year end blog.

Finally, remember the Seinfeld episode with the holiday called Festivus, well it's date is December 23.  Happy Festivus