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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rites of Spring

This weekend, here in NY, has brought a bounty of incredible warm weather.  This has been refreshing since most of the past week has been cool and a mix of that in between late winter/early spring mixed up weather.

As it heats up, I am so happy to get outside and play around in the garden and maitain the lawn and garden.  For many of my neighbors, they have landscape services which handle that but I prefer to get my hands dirty and get it done myself.

So this week, I continued to clean the yard with an eye towards this warm weather we would be having this weekend.  On Friday, I picked up some flowers and other supplies and I planned on transplanting some flowers purchased to two hanging baskets located near the side entrance to the house.  I also picked up some Pansies with nice purple flowers, I would place in two large heavy planters near my front entrance.  I also picked up some soil, seeds and fertilizer for my lawn.

With my three assistants, I returned home Friday and went out to plant.   Here are the pictures of our progress:

As the weather continues to warm up and as the Spring season moves along, I will continue to work on the garden and lawn  and shape it into something nice.

Any landscape designers out there?  I would love to get some feedback from you as I have some questions for you.  Thanks

A Use for Old Baseball Cards Pt II

Having started the project to hack an exisitng piece of IKEA furniture: the LACK table, I planned to finish it sometime before my spring break vacation was finished which meant today.

To recap, I purchased the LACK table from IKEA last week and I placed 70s and 80's baseball cards to the table top.  Yesterday, I sealed the table by applying a mixture of 4 parts glue with 1 part water.  This morning I was ready to apply the epoxy resin to coat the entire table top.  The resin would be left to cure and by tomorrow I will have a cool piece of furniture/nostalgia.

The epoxy resin was purchased at Home Depot and following the directions I measured roughly 8 oz of the epoxy and after stirring I combined with the sealer again mixing for 3 minutes.  This seemed to be enough for my table and I used the paint stirrers from Home Depot to spread the mixture across the table.

Once I was satisfied with the application, I covered the table so no outside debris or my kids would disturb the table as it cured.

Here are some pictures:

So far, so good.  The cards have taken on a shine and once fully cured, the table will be very nice to look at and to use.  This has been a fun project and while researching it on the web, I saw a cool video for making a game table that I might try with the same IKEA table (I do have enough Epoxy for one more table).  First I want to see how this one turns out.  

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Use for Old Baseball Cards - Pt 1

In just a few weeks, April 22, Earth Day will be upon us.  In the spirit of the environmental saving themes of reuse, reduce, and recycle, I've begun a project which incorporates some of these green tenets.

I saw on another blog called IKEA Hackers a cool table which was made using baseball cards on the table top .  Unfortunately, the post with the video was taken down, so I scoured the web to try to find a video which showed the technique to seal the table with epoxy resin.  This seemed like a fun project to try to take a crack at doing.

As a boy, my brother and I collected many, many, many baseball cards and a few years ago he gave me a ton of them.  I had them outside my house, sitting in a box inside my crowded shed.  They really weren't serving any purpose, so I went through them to select the cards I wanted on my table.  My choices included local favorites, from the NY Mets and Yankees and other players and cards circa 1970's and 80's.  Now I was ready to begin.

So far here's what I have done:

1) Purchased 1 - IKEA - Lack Table - 21 5/8" X 21 5/8"  - $7.99
2) Purchased 1 - Glue Gun and Package of Glue Sticks - $5.50
3) Sort through 70's - 80's era Topp's and Fleer Baseball Cards for use on table - Priceless!!!
4) Arrange chosen cards and use Glue Gun to adhere cards to table.

This is the current state of my project:

My next step is to seal the cards using a mixture of 3 parts glue and 1 part water.  After that dries and once I find the appropriate epoxy resin to use, I will coat the table with the epoxy and it will cure and then hopefully it will look something like this table:

Have you ever taken on a project like this?  So far it's been fun and in researching this project, I saw a cool video where a nice looking game table was created.  Maybe a future project???  Well, I have to get this one done first. 

Take care and hope to hear from you all so don't be shy brave readers.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Beginnings

Hello again and welcome back to my blog.  Here we are in April and my allergies are probably at their worst today than they've been in a while.  The warmer weather that typified the last month here in NY has returned to where it should be, high 50's and 60's.

Yesterday, I celebrated Easter.  The weather was beautiful and my children enjoyed an easter egg hunt.  I was so proud at how they behaved so well at church.  This time of year holds so much promise and signals rebirth following the dark, cold winter.

I am off this week from school and I look forward to resting and reflecting before the return next week.  Last year, we drove to Florida during the Spring Break.  It was fun but something I wouldn't want to repeat this year.

The Spring heralds the arrival of our national pastime, Baseball.  The 2012 season has begun.  Right now my favorite team the New York Mets stand 3 wins and 0 losses.  They have completed a sweep of theirarch- rivals, the Atlanta Braves.  Is this team a mirage, showing each Met fan the promise of better days ahead.  Although it is very, very early in the year I hope the Mets will provide its fans with sound fundamental baseball with its team of blue collar no name primadonnas group of players.

Across town the Yankees,  with their reconizable constellation of All Stars, were swept by Tampa Bay to open their season.  The Yanks may be beginning to show its age from Jeter to A-Rod.  Going forward, it should be an interesting season for sure. 

What's on your agenda for Spring? Leave me a reply, I would love to hear back from you!!!!

 I plan on working on my garden as the weather warms up. 

I hope your holiday was a peaceful one and that you enjoy whatever Spring activities you may have planned.

Finally, for all my fellow Met fans out there.  I am posting this video I found off Youtube.  It's from a guy who went to the Mets home opener in 1982 against the Phillies.  He must have had a very expensive camera because the quality is excellent.  It captures the essence of the loveable dump Shea Stadium was and the fans attending the game.  I was laughing so hard during this video, enjoy.