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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July, Independence Day to us here in the United States.  A day for many away from their daily jobs and time spent with families around the barbecue and pool.

Whatever your chosen recreation activity is today have fun but take a minute or two, or maybe more, to reflect on those brave men of the Continental Congress who met in Philadelphia in 1776 who were most responsible for the birth of our country.

Adams, Franklin, and Jefferson.  The names together sound like a law firm but they, joined with the delegates from the 13 colonies, had the courage to shake off their colonial rulers diplomatically, through Jefferson's elegant prose The Declaration of Independence.

Later George Washington commanded his army to defeat the greatest army, at that time, to earn finally victory against the British and the United States was born. 

Over the 236 years has passed since the 13 colonies united as one in their quest for freedom and our country has led and made history here and throughout the globe.  We have a rich history, one that is sorely glossed over in schools.  We have been blessed with abundance in resources and we have been fortunate to have leaders that have made wise decisions for us beginning with Washington.  Is there more to be done?   Of course, the work continues.  Check out this clip from HBO's new show The Newsroom written by Aaron Sorkin.  In the clip, the lead character is asked to answer a question from a college student "What makes America the greatest country in the world?

I think his answer was spot on and he certainly believes we can be a great country, but we have much to work on and improve.

Finally, no Independence Day is complete without a shout out to the film 1776This film was based on a stage musical which depicts the workings of the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia in the time before the Declaration of Independence is written.  The acting is good, the music a bit hokey, but I always found it fun to check in on the 4th while growing up.  I think it's on Turner Classic Movies this evening so I gotta watch some of it.  Anyway, the driving force of the production is John Adams who in the beginning attempts to push the other states for a formal grievence to be made.  The other states refuse to join in until Ben Franklin suggests a southern state make the proposal which leads to Virginia to make the proposal.  Adams then convinces a reluctant Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence and you know the rest.

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