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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Music Video Wednesday - The Americans

I noticed I haven't updated this blog for a bit and since it's a Wednesday it's time for Music Video Wednesday.  Today, I decided to pull out two gems from the great decade of the 1980's.  These two tracks were featured on the FX's show The Americans.  In the show, 2 Soviet sleeper agents are working undercover to find and exploit any information they can during the early days of the Reagan administration.  The show is on its 3rd season and it's quite good, critically acclaimed but ratings are low.

The acting is top notch and the action is well paced and suspenseful.  The show incorporates some fine 1980's music and today I would like to present 2 tracks they have played.  The first song is Don't Go by YAZ.  This synth driven song was used effectively during a frantic FBI search scene a few episodes back.   The other song was used last season and is a favorite of mine, The Stray Cats - Rock this Town

The show has many callbacks to the decade which I remember so well, heck I guess I now know what nostalgia is.   Now watch The Americans and enjoy the videos