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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Music Video Wednesday - Smells Like...

Today's Music Video Wednesday takes its inspiration from a late 80's early 1990's musical scene from Seattle.  Most anyone would call it Grunge but who likes labels?  There is a new documentary coming out about the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.  From what I have read, the documentary, which has the full backing of his daughter, attempts to remove much of the mythology from Cobain's meteoric rise and sad death by his own hands. 

My Nirvana selection is from their MTV Unplugged session, a cover of a David  Bowie tune: 
The Man Who Sold The World.

My second selection is from Pearl Jam.  They are still performing today.  Since I'm using a Nirvana covering Bowie, I have Pearl Jam covering Split Enz's I Got You.
Enjoy music lovers.