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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Hello.  I can't believe it's been almost 3 months since my last blogpost.  It seems my ability to compose a post is directly related to the increase in the activity level of my 3 children.

Image result for topps series 1 2016My kids keep me busy with dancing, gymnastics and basketball for my girls.  My son plays flag football, basketball and baseball is about to start.  Work certainly has kept my wife and I quite busy.  Without going into great detail, deadlines loom and as we move into Spring, I hope the longer days and sunlight will be rejuvenating for us.

An idea for a blog article came to me yesterday as I was out with my son.  He saw a package of baseball cards in a sporting goods store.  I remember collecting baseball cards with my younger brother over 30 years ago.  Also, I traded and won cards from classmates during my school days.  I asked my son if his classmates collected and he told me, not really.

That's sad but much like other collections of childhood, Comic Books and Action Figures, adults have the spending power and ability to follow through on those types of collections. 
When I was a kid, we had these 12" Mego Dolls.  Surfing the internet, there's a website called The Mego Museum which is a cool place to visit as it details the Mego Corp's products but there are also customized Mego's which are made by collectors with an amazing eye and hand for detail and creativity.  Mego Museum

Back to the present day, my son has expressed an interest in collecting baseball cards and he's at the right age for a collection.  I'm looking into Topps.  The cards we got yesterday were Series 1 cards.  Not sure when series 2 comes out.  If there are any collectors out there can you clarify and recommend a time to acquire the entire set?  Would it be at mid year?  Would I buy Series 1 now and get Series 2 later?  Any tips would be appreciated.

A few years ago I got hold of cards from my childhood.  I chose players I loved watching/following in the 1980's and I made a baseball card table which looks great.  I documented this project on this blog in an earlier post.  I still would like to make a companion piece with comic book covers but I haven't gotten a hold of some cheap 80's vintage comics.  I probably won't want to rip the covers of the books. 

Oh wait....  Better check with Mom, did she throw out my old books?

In any case what collections do you have?  Please share and drop a comment.  I'd love to hear from you.